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We aim to challenge policy which advocates narrowing curricula and the marginalisation of the arts, in addressing issues which support the holistic learning and wellbeing of children by :

1. Developing greater understanding of creative arts pedagogies and their grounding in teacher and learner creativity 

2. Bridging evidence gaps in relation to creativity, critical thinking and pupil wellbeing.  

3. Developing integrated approaches to curriculum, including ecological, intercultural and interdisciplinary thinking, through knowledge exchange between teachers and artists 

4. Cultivating dispositions (compassion, creativity, critical thinking, resilience, emotional literacy etc) to empower children to navigate the world 

5. Empowering learning communities through innovative creative pedagogies of cooperation, solidarity and conflict resolution

6. Researching hybrid pedagogies alongside teachers, artists and young people which support education reform and which are driven by young people’s concerns 








Lisa Stephenson

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Director and Founder of the Story Makers Company

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Ana Sanches de Arede


Publisher and Project Coordinator for Story Makers Press

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