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Story Makers International Conference

in collaboration with OECD Futures of Education 2030


Activating futures of education 2030
Creative pedagogies for 21st century learning and collective wellbeing


15th July 2023
9.00 - 4.30

Weetwood Hall,

Otley Rd, Weetwood, Leeds LS16 5PS


An international conference for teachers, artist educators, researchers and policy makers who want to rewild education to empower learners to build positive hopeful futures together.

The world is changing. We need to ask the following questions:


  • What knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values will today’s students need to    thrive and shape their worlds?

  • How can schools develop these knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values effectively? In particular, participants are invited to think about the future of education:  

    • future of curriculum design 

    • future of assessments 

    • future role of teaching and teachers, teacher agency, competencies and well-being 

Drawing from national and international research with teachers and artist educators we will share:

  • A range of practice-based workshops which use creative arts and drama pedagogies to activate pupil wellbeing with a focus on on inquiry-based learning, democratic thinking, oracy and socio-emotional literacy

  • Whole school flexible curriculum and assessment models

  • Globally informed teaching practices and policy perspectives 

Join us for our international conference where we explore the ways in which creative arts pedagogies can bring learning to life in a complex and changing world.  Hear from international educators, innovative school leaders, artist educators and practitioners about the ways in which they are actively reclaiming imaginative and future facing pedagogies.

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