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Creative Learning: Ethical Citizenship Award has been designed to facilitate an ethical curriculum in school. The award supports leaders and teams in schools and other educational settings, to develop a whole school culture of creative learning and ethical citizenship through the art. Using a developmental framework schools will evaluate their current creative teaching practices and pedagogy, identify gaps, develop and strengthen these and work towards a commitment to creative learning for their whole school community.

The award recognises the value that a creative learning community can have for both staff and pupils and the benefits and impact that the arts, culture and creativity can have in developing meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for inclusion and positive wellbeing of young people and adults in 21st Century learning.



Professional Development & Learning


and Values



Learning Capacities

Diverse communities & pupil voice

​The award covers six key competencies each with a series of statements that schools will work to embed:

The evidence informed framework enables evaluation of the work of a Creative curriculum whilst also helping to give structure to the development plan for improvements within the school’s commitment to inclusive practice within the six underlying themes which are:

Creative Learning: Ethical Citizenship Award

Collective problem solving

Ethical citizenship

Possibility thinking

Self-autonomy & confidence

Emotional literacy

Imaginative flourishing

Why attain
the award?

The award supports the understanding and enrichment of authentic holistic learning. It will develop further confidence, skills and understanding of creative pedagogy needed to enable teachers and schools to transform their learning cultures. Learning and knowledge can be framed in imaginative ways to empower both teacher and learner as well as develop deeper understanding of ourselves in the world.

How much does the award cost and how long is it valid for?

The award costs £395 excluding VAT and lasts for three years, after which you can apply for

re-assessment to maintain your level or strive for higher quality standards.

Please contact us for more information on the process for gaining the award and what our quality mark accreditation includes.

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