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At Story Makers we aim to empower learners through the use of applied arts, drama and problem based learning, equipping them as imaginative changemakers in an uncertain world.  We co-develop new methodologies and research in these areas with artists, teachers, and young people. This approach to education aims to cultivate young people's confidence, wellbeing dispositions, emotional literacy and critical imagination through collective creativity. Stories belong to everyone!

Why learn through
story making? 

Hear young people's reflections on learning through our research.

Immersive Storytelling

Bring learning to life with our co-created digital stories which link to all curriculum areas. Challenge young people to solve social  problems in imaginary worlds!


Story Makers Press

Engage your learners with stories co-created with children for children. Explore beyond the page using drama and storytelling through our Explorers Guides for Teachers.

Active Wellbeing Dispositions and Competencies

Explore how we can reimagine curriculum, assessment and pedagogy for 21st Century Learners through our research with schools and young people.

Voice, choice and agency! Find out why  the expressive arts are such a powerful way to express youth voice.

Youth voice

Arts based Research

Learn more about our empirical research with young people.

International Projects

Bringing the critical imagination back into curriculum. See our arts and wellbeing resources for Primary, Secondary Teachers, Initial Teacher Education and parents!

Knowledge Exchange

Join us to share and develop new understanding in creative learning

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