In the year 2019, twelve intrepid crews of explorers will embark on a dangerous and secret mission on behalf of the British government. Twelve Y-generation space ships, equipped with newly developed Yesterin technology, will be launched from a top-secret location on an island in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Aboard will be twelve companies of ordinary children, chosen at random from twelve British cities. Their mission: to investigate signs of life detected on an alien planet. Their families sworn to secrecy and evidence of their lives deleted from the data cloud, what would they encounter? What will be their fate?

Voyage to the Unknown

5th - 9th August 2019

This story, which we’ll make together through a series of workshops, will be a story of adventure, monsters, camaraderie and friendships. The ancient Greek tale, The Odyssey, will be our inspiration, but our story will be set in space! As we visit different planets and star systems, we’ll ask what makes us who we are and think back to the things we miss about our home. We’ll use things we know, drawing on our own real-life experience, to invent our interstellar worlds. We’ll speak out our ideas, discuss the story and use drawing or drama to develop our tale. We’ll write together and on our own to create a rich mix of poetry, scripts, newspaper articles, fantasy and sci-fi stories that will become our Voyage to the Unknown.


Remembering home: We remember the home we’ve left, but after ten years of space travel, do we remember things differently to the ship’s computer, ODYSSEY, which paints a picture of a ‘green and pleasant land’?

Planet X: The space ship lands on a planet that looks and feels like Earth but isn’t. Half the crew want to stay, half want to continue the journey home. What will we decide?

The CYCLOPS Corporation: The crew must log their profiles as we enter the orbit of the interstellar media giant, but we are taken captive. Can we escape  by hacking into the system and changing our biographies?

The Fortress Kingdom: As the ship hovers on the edge of the dark nebula that hides the Fortress Kingdom, ODYSSEY receives an unexpected gift and tells us we must keep it safe. Will we trust the computer or disobey its orders?

The Black Hole: A strange voice leads the ship into a black hole. What ghosts from the past will we encounter? And will they help us find the way home?

Returning Home: We finally return home, only to discover that others have taken our place. How will we prove we are who we say we are and that that this really is our home?

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