-Virtual book Launch-

A Climate Catastrophe has left Europe under water and Jack’s parents under rubble. Jack and his sister have little choice but to leave home and search for the Volcano where their lives might start again.

Lučka had only left camp to get some water. Capitaine, the strongest horse in the world, was with her so she knew she was safe from the Angry Men. But then she’d found a ghost. A short, brown haired, boy-shaped ghost, but a ghost nonetheless...

Chasing the Volcano book cover
23rd of  October - Live from 10am to 4pm

Join us for the exciting launch of our latest Story Makers Press book, co-created with children from Bowling Park Primary, and explore this story with your students:

  • Learn more about our worldbuilding process and how we worked with Bowling Park Primary to imagine this post-apocalyptic story.

  • Hear from our illustrator and designer about how they shaped it, giving children an insight into the book making process.

  • Hear from the children who created this world and what the project meant to them.

    • ‘Writing the story and sharing our ideas – that was my favourite part.’

  • Explore a series of enquiry questions with children to help them find their voices and inspire them to create their own stories, which they can then choose to share on our platform.

  • Experience one of our worldbuilding activities and encourage children to enter Jack and Lučka’s world.

Our video interviews have been pre-recorded, but we will be monitoring the platform live and responding to any creative submissions from children. 

Before you enter a brief safeguarding notice for all the young story rebels joining in

Children are encouraged to share their story responses by uploading their creations, these will not feature any videos or pictures revealing children’s identities, but it can be their voices telling or reading their story with an image or picture.  We would like to use children’s online ideas and responses to write about this launch. We are using padlet software and so would like to request that teachers / parents /carers/ adults take responsibility for the uploading process. All uploads will be checked before they appear, and so you may need to wait a few minutes before your creation appears!

Igniting Roma literacieS

-Learning together in school-

Free live CPD event - 3rd of  November, 3.30 to 5pm

Join us for a unique CPD opportunity to learn more about creative ways to support our Gypsy Roma Traveller children to flourish in your Primary School. 

  • What strategies and resources can be used to create inclusive literacies?

  • How can we draw from the experiences of diverse children in our schools to create more engaging literacies?

We will also be sharing Chasing the Volcano, a fiction book which was co-created with a group of mostly Roma, Syrian and Iraqi children in Bradford. The Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities are often marginalised and underrepresented and we wanted to give the children we worked with a chance to see themselves represented in the books they read. 

  • Workshop 1 - Nomadic Storytelling

Richard O’Neill, Author and Storyteller

  • Workshop 2 - Barriers to learning: Process of teaching English as an additional language

Harriet Crossley, EAL Leader at Bowling Park Primary

  • Workshop 3 - Developing early literacy with Roma children

Mandy Pierlejewski, University of Manchester Researcher

  • Workshop 4 - Creative learning: Bringing literacy to life through Oracy and drama 

Lisa Stephenson and Tom Dobson,

Story Makers Company

Learning Outcomes


  • Develop understanding of Roma culture and language to inform your teaching

  • Develop further understanding of creative learning and storytelling techniques to improve literacies.

  • Prepare children to meet the challenges of a mainstream curriculum

If you’d like to find out more information email us at with the subject line Roma literacies.

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