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Intergalactic Superhero School
-Virtual book Launch-

I was a lonely boy on a distant moon with only his dog Fiver for company.

That was until my shocking superpowers attracted the attention of a nearby spaceship and I was whisked away from everything I knew to join the Intergalactic Superhero School!

​This is the true story behind the legend of how I befriended the infamous Wolf.  How, with an amazing team of young superheroes, we led a rogue mission to a faraway little-known planet called Earth.  How there we faced the fearsome Crocodile.  And how that meeting was to change the course of the Intergalactic Alliance forever...

Free live event - 29th June, 5.30 to 6.30pm

Join us for the exciting launch of our latest Story Makers Press book, co-created with children from Stephen Longfellow Academy in Leeds, and explore this story with your students:

  • Learn more about our worldbuilding and writing process and how we worked with Stephen Longfellow Academy to imagine this intergalactic adventure.

  • Hear from our illustrator and designer about how they shaped it, giving children an insight into the book making process.

  • Hear from one of the teachers involved in the project and what the project meant to their students.

  • Learn more about the impact that working using drama in alternate provision settings can have.

  • Explore a series of enquiry questions with children to help them find their voices and inspire them to create their own stories, which they can then choose to share on our platform.

  • Experience one of our worldbuilding activities and encourage children to enter the Intergalactic Superhero School.

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